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PT. Energi Hijau Samoedera Bersaudara (EHSB) with its product Energi Merah Putih is an official reseller of Shell fuel for industrial, mining, and marine sectors. We are part of Samoedera Group and Sefas Group family which has been an Authorized Shell Marine Distributor for more than 10 years and Authorized Shell Lubricants Distributor for more than 20 years.

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Trusted partner for more than 20 years

Energi Merah Putih (EMP) Supply by Shell

Energi Merah Putih (EMP) is an international standard fuel in which its quality is guaranteed and has been tested and trusted by our customers through the quality that is consistently maintained.

EMP is a fuel brand that we develop as an official reseller of Shell fuels.

EMP has 3 products that are differentiated according to its function, namely Solar Merah Putih, MFO Merah Putih, dan MP Power.

Solar Merah Putih

Solar Merah Putih is an Industrial Diesel / High Speed Diesel (HSD) that is blended with FAME according to the standard issued by MIGAS.

Solar Merah Putih is a diesel with one of the lowest sulfur content in Indonesia, which makes Solar Merah Putih protect important components of the fuel system and reduce exhaust emissions, thereby saving equipment maintenance costs and protecting your equipment investment costs from engine breakdown.

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MFO Merah Putih

MFO or also known as Marine Fuel Oil is a fuel oil that contains residue. MFO itself is used as fuel oil in the marine sector in stationary diesel engines, especially for low-speed diesel engines (<300 rpm). The maximum viscosity is 380 cSt (sulfur <3.5%).

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MP Power

MP Power is a premium quality gasoline fuel (RON 95). RON is the result of measuring the performance of gasoline fuel, namely how much compression of gasoline fuel can withstand before detonating. A gasoline engine with a high compression ratio requires a fuel with a higher RON number. RON 95 means the octane rating for this product is 95.

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Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Sulfur content ≤10ppm

European Emission Standards
Euro 5

Common Rail Engine Compatibility
Meet Common Rail engine specifications and standards from various OEM brands, such as:

0,91 Kg/L

380 cSt

Flash Point

Improve Engine Performance
Helps to remove up to 80% of performance-robbing deposits

Innovative Cleaning Technology
Our boosted cleaning technology not only helps to improve engine condition, but also helps to maximize the energy obtained from the fuel

Reducing Machine Friction
The formulation contains 3x more new friction-reducing and cleaning molecules to help protect your engine

Energy Efficiency
Laboratory tests show that friction-reducing molecules decrease energy wasted from heat.*

*Less energy wasted helps improve engine efficiency and performance

Service Excellence

Real Time GPS Tracking

Would you like to view and track your delivery? We have a sophisticated GPS system where you can track the truck’s position in real-time.

This tracking system will be shared in the form of a link by request, so you don’t need to download any application and you can also open the link from your mobile phone. It's easy and convenient!

Portable Filling Station

Our Portable Filling Stations are available from the simplest type such as tank storage and flowmeter to the most sophisticated type that implements RFID technology and Cloud Monitoring System.

In the long run, customers can save significant costs by using our Portable Filling Station.

24/7/365 Delivery

We understand the complexities and challenges in the fuel industry. That's why we provide 24/7/365 delivery services to meet the needs of our customers. With a record of zero miss supply and zero accident, we are confident to give the best service for you.

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